Key Commands
 - Leevice & Teequ


Both were born in the hanseatic City Greifswald. They first meet in the Summer of 1994. After 4 years they made thier first electronical frequencies together. Leevice was more the man in the background, working on his tracks in his homestudio, Teequ's love was the vinyl. After Leevice and Teequ went deeper into thier producing they had thier first live act in Berlin in 2004. After the first Lice act they decidet to work the clubs together. After all the years they work together on music, they don't even need to talk anymore while producing. They communicate through the music. They played in some clubs in berlin like Tresor, Mädcheninternat, Brunnen 70 and many more. After a while in Berlin they got good friends with Calive and Patrick Nachklang from DigiTales Records. After Leevice & Teequ finished thier first Album, they decided to release it on DigiTales Records. Today they work on some Remixprojects as well as on thier 4 man live act S.P.A.M.. The sound of Leevice & Teeq u is pure techhouse with an extra part of melody and baseline. They love to play around with the beat and going through the groovy side of techhouse.