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 - Lee Jokes


Lee Jokes born in Berlin started at the early age of ten recording music from the radio, producing his own mixtapes. In the year 1993 he started clubbing in the capitpol with his well known electro scene.At the age of 14 he performed the first time behind turntables. Lee Jokes is a part of the berlin DJ scene and plays in different clubs like Suicide Circus, Kater Holzig, Fiesere Miese, M.I.K.Z , Kosmonaut, and SO36. Als o out of the city of Berlin he is performing and his sets vary from Tech- house to Deep-house and Discosounds. Music is his life. Music is his style. At 2000 he started to produce his own songs. 2009 he founded his own label „O.L.A. Records“. In his studio he produces in collaboration with artists like Sascha Cawa, Magnutze, Niko Troubetzkoy, Nils Twachtmann, Yves Anders, Todschick, Rollo van Beathoven and others from the multicultural music scene. Creating their own songs also remixes and doing successfully contractjobs.