Key Commands
 - Laura Auer


Already at the age of 16, Laura awakened interest in electronic musicand she begins her first experience in making techno, trance and house music.It needs only a short time to realise that the electro-techno sound became her favourite.By friends and initial visits of clubs like U60311, it was obviousthat music will not be a short time story for her.3 years later, she began to produce her first software-based demo tracks.Through the contact with the Toolfunk Crew she meets new production routesand enters into the digital and analog production and quicklyachieved very good results in the area of electro and techno.Meanwhile she managed a number of digital publicat ions,remixes and performs her tracks live in clubs and events.In 2009 Laura foundet the label "wunschenswert", which has its first release in october in the same year.