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JENS G**** from Germany has been a DJ and promoter since 2001 under the name "Kommander Keen" and has played throughout Germany, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Turkey, and the United Kingdom. Influenced by the English Breakbeat scene, he also became a sound-designer and then producer in 2009 and released his first single on Giana Brozherz (GER). It was a huge success in the European dance charts and sold all over the world. In 2010 he released on LOT49 Records (UK) and his tune "Istanbul" climed the top ten of the best selling tracks of the label. More singles followed in 2010, and KOMMANDER KEEN is in great demand as a remixer for other international DJs and bands. His own record label, "Trash de Disco," was launched in 2010 with a roster of great artists from all over the world like aUTOdiDakT, Zedd, SNOB Electro Sounds, GSUS or Markus Lange to name but a few.


Best Of Disco House 2010 - 2011
The BeatThiefs, Lifelike, Yota, Namebrand, Mick Kastenholt, Alexander Adstedt, Dave Brennan, Paul Donton, Dario Nunez, The Freshguys, Meroz, Peter Brown, Tina Valen, Norman, Real, Doctor Jazz's Universal Remedy, Max Creative, DJ Cross, Christian Hornbostel, Zons Of Zambesi, Audioshackers, Wes Rock, Lorenzo Navarro, Ethan Wood, Lokovski, Aron Scott, Chynna, Saibot, Oiram, DJ Juanpa, Victor Del Guio, Miki Hernandez, DJ Fist, Rio Dela Duna, VirtualSound, Looka, Antoine Montana, Danyen, Yanter, Superball, Igor Brzovic, Cedric Vian, Joss H, Andre Salmon, Wavebasix, Miguelo, Oscar Goni, Jose Garcia, Karsten Schmidt, The Morphoders, Simon X, Whilo, Red Code, I Gotika, House Music TV, Wile, Kelvin Beat, Plastic, Get Stellar, Andres Cordova, Walkboy, Enzo Darren, LLP, Revox 21, Yes In, Mastera, Patrizze, House Seduction, Radunz & Leitner, Khris Rios, La Yee, Row-Funk, Monaco Gza, Malle.Maison, Electroheads, Philip Riska, John Daminato, Rob Hayes, Kommander Keen, Joykill, Darko Kustura, Groove Juice, Evoli Records Cooperation, Chez D'floor, Dav'bond, Mr. Luke, Rush Hour Commuters, Dennis Jr., Saleem Razvi, Bwar, The Groovelab, Fabio Bacchini, Manuel Cass, Damian William, Lucas Reyes, Sander Kleinenberg, Rob Pearson, Paul Donton, Delicious, DJ Fist, Terry Lee Brown Junior, Schwarz & Funk, Relanium, Maxx Gattano, Brown Sugar, Niko De Luka, Romanto, Danny Romero, Blacktron, Jan Peters, Celina Lewis, Rio Dela Duna, Miss Soulfly, Housaholic, Tricky, Santini, Adam Sheridan, Eddy Morenas, Cristian Baron, Lucifer Lopez, Ron Ractive, Golden Arrow, Marco Kistners, Dirty B, Yohann Price, Wasted
Baccara Music | 2010-12-03