Key Commands
 - Kasper Koman


Yet another soul lost to the imaginative world of synths and a pc. This soul wanders around by the name of Kasper Koman. Hailing from the very middle of the Netherlands, Amersfoort, Kasper has been working on his sound for quite some time, resulting in a unique blend of happiness, darkness and emotions.The story begins at a very young age. Not 12, nor 13, but at the age of 1 he is already drumming with his bottle of milk and he makes extraordinary rhythms with his wooden toys. Together with some fancy sounds of the toys that the 90’s had in store for us his first footsteps in electronic music are set. Later on, he tried many genres. Trance, house, though his true passion turned out to be the best of both worlds.The music of Kasper is something that make people dance and smile.As a student in composition and music production combined with a fine ear for melody and strong rhythms it’s no wonder that some of the coolest names in the industry are interested in his music.With support from the likes of Guy Mantzur, Hernan Cattaneo, Guy J, Navar, Luke Porter and many others this man is making quite a name for himself as a producer. Meanwhile, with gigs at Into the Woods, Fuel, and last but not least Cala Klubi in Finland, you can say that this guy knows what he is doing behind the decks as well.