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 - Kanzler & Wischnewski


"Day and Night – Black and White" The best description for the broad musical range covered by the contrasting producer/performer duo Kanzler & Wischnewski. Andree Wischnewski from east Berlin and Eric Kanzler from Nuremburg have made great progress toward achieving musical noteriaty as producer DJ Team within the last year. Prior to combining forces in 2009, both had gathered experience as Djs, producers and event catalysts extraordinaire. With no label- based background they released their first digital sets with Starcake records in 2010. Two more dig-releases soon followed before finally publishing vinyl in 2011, “About Me” with Keymono Music. Their music combines dry, clear and well-structured “Minimal” with a host of styles above and beyond the beaten path. A buzzy Housegroove bass dub here – a jazzy trumpet sample pops up over there! Sensoned with touch of oriental flavour at times, it boils down to a truly global recipe. The press recently took note of their on time “fresh sound”, that offers “minimal abstraction while redefining Chicago...” Kanzler & Wischnewski thrill the audiance with an extravagant set set consisting of a live act and a DJ set. It has been known to stretch over a few hours, because each set represents a musical journey of its own. A quick look at the booking calendar shows their influence as Newcomer Act growing far beyond Berlin.


Midnight Heroes, Vol. 3 (Mixed By A.C.K.) (Special Edition! 4 DJ Mixes & 58 Unmixed Tracks for Underground People)
A.C.K., UMEK, Olivier Giacomotto, Roger Sanchez, Belocca, Vlada Asanin, Sinisa Tamamovic, Jay Lumen, Hard Rock Sofa, Xenia Beliayeva, John Acquaviva, DJ Tonio, Leisuregroove, Rustem Rustem, Nick Wolanski, Kid Massive, Dapayk Solo, Super Flu, Roy RosenfelD, Warner Powers, Michael Paterson, My Digital Enemy, David Tort, DJ Ruff, Saeed Younan, Gayle San, Oliver Lang, Sergio Fernandez, Superstrobe, George Privatti, Minitech Project, Jorgensen, Dave Spritz, Mike Young, Savi Leon, Riccardo Sabatini, DJ Rush, Eric Sneo, Daniel Soave, Phunk Investigation, Dariush, Lady Brian, S.K.A.M., Waveback Luke, Roc, Syn, George Perry, Clubworxx, DJ Mind, Atty N Sonic, Six Inch Voodoo, Gareth Whitehead, Werner Niedermeier, Der E-Kreisel, Boza, Liam Vive, Sweed Music, Josh The Funky 1, Alexei, Carlos Kinn, Kanzler & Wischnewski, Mat Batur, Parada, The Henchmen, Dany Cohiba, Xavi Deck, Stadi, Le Alen, Luthier, Patrick M, Daniel Harrison, Alex Mine, Burak Yildirim, Schwarz & Weisz, Libex, Darin Epsilon, Mr. Norberto, DJ Tonio, Kiko, Sei A, Philip Wirlpool, Markus Greg, Field, Jason Fernandes, Willian Pires, Di Beatmaker', SIS, Monika Kruse, Daniele Sorrenti, Fabrizio Pettorelli, Mauro Alpha, Luca Morris, MorganJ, Mr. Monroe, Andre Walter, Toni Rios, Dan Mlinar, Peter Latino, Ben Nook, Tom Taylor, Nash La'Salle, DJ Entwan, Tini Garcia, DJ Lion, Vlada Asanin, Thomas Penton
Tech You Very Much! | 2013-12-20