Key Commands
 - Justin James


When a country’s electronic music scene punches as heavily as Canada there is always a weight of expectation on artists emerging from its ranks. Fortunately Justin James has the energy, talent and ambition to climb the heights of his illustrious countrymen. Hailing from the same city as hero Richie Hawtin and with him and John Acquaviva as a close, guiding influence, James has steadily equipped himself with the ammunition to fire his way to international recognition. Justin James is all about his deep love of house and techno music, his belief that it should be primarily sexy gives him boundless energy behind the decks. Cohesively developing a unique style that rolls house and techno into one soulful, highly kinetic experience, As a DJ, James has the ability to pool his influences to spontaneously rock crowds. Holding various residencies has seen him take control of the floor, putting many a clued up crowd through their paces before handing over to headliners of the caliber of Richie Hawtin, Gaiser, Shlomi Aber, Joris Voorn, Dubfire and countless other international tastemakers. Being just across the river from the revered school of Detroit producers has not left James unmoved. The powerful emotions deep within the tracks that emanate from across the border resound heavily in him. Being touched by this has led James to achieve his two goals as a producer of taking more control over his shows and sharing his own vision of music with other like minded souls, a slew of creativity is already available through releases quickly signed to powerhouse international labels. With a list of achievements that already overshadows many artists, it's clear that Justin James has proven how combining genuine talent with dedication can go a long way. And whilst his residencies, productions and compilations continue to open the ears of thousands of people across the planet, the fact he has a whole host of future projects up his sleeve reveals the best is still to come.