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 - Julien Scalzo


Julien Scalzo is a french artist, DJ & music producer and beatmaker.After studying piano at the classical music conservatory from the age of 8, he took a jazz lessons with a teacher. During his youth he built his musical environment with lots of different styles like disco and funk music, rock and melodic metal, and movie soundtracks. He started to have an interest for electronic music in the 2000s. He then started to compose and record his first tracks with some hardwares synthesizers and samplers like the Korg Triton, the Roland SH-5 and the MPC5000 but the growing ergonomy of softwares during the following years and his mobility made him choose to work principally with all kinds of softwares, plug-ins and VST.He launched his own project as a DJ/producer in 2009 and worked hard to make his dreams come true. He gained a lot of experience by producing, mixing, and mastering music, and mainly thanks to his friendship with Jazz E Cut, a sound engineer and US hip hop producer. He then decided to put some of his projects on the internet, which gave him opportunity to work with some great artists around the world such as Pete Tong, Keith Thompson, Sarina Suno, Muttonheads, or Paolo Mezzini. Julien decided to get as much experience as possible in various fields, he started mixing in clubs and night establishments in Metz and Rochefort, as well as in private parties. He also undertakes studies in communication and musical promotion.