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Bio: is impossible to start speakingprofessionally about Jose Ángel Palacios Robles 'Joton'without drawing his first steps - which led from the track tothe cabin without falling into several topics that open thebios of dozens of Spanish DJs of the last decades... We willleave the more predictable 'literature' aside and go directlyto 20 and many years (well into the XXI century), when Jotonevidences his maturity as a dj: he takes on a style,technique and musical selection that identify him and canfinally allow progressively the pleasure of selecting where toplay on a Saturday.We entered the millennium: finally thefear of 'Year 2000' dissipates and on the other hand Joton’spersonality and charisma continue to publicize: his maturityas a dj, conducted with serenity and discretion make himcontinue growing until the year 2001 when he creates thelabel 'Newrhythmic'. T his label gives name to a clothingstore + albums, and it is here where his base of operationsis established to date.Joton reaffirms in the genre he likes,with the one that most he is identified with and the one heblends as few rookies: dark techno, mixed with precisionand speed. On special occasions and under the aka 'SonnyCrockett', Joton explores sounds from tech-house andelectro, but he soon moves away from this aspect to focuson the purest techno.In 2005 he starts producing his ownmusic and presents his 1st reference with Newrhythmic: avinyl 12 "with Aitor Ronda. Since then Joton has grown topublish his work on international labels such as NakedLunch , Inspired Dynamic Reflection , Psychoskunk , InjectedPoison , Consumer Recreation Services , Parallel 125 ,Amigos Take more Music , Induxxtriall , Disclosure , GTMuzique, Monkey...Joton opens 2012 with over 70 signedreferences, and among them there are collaborations withworld- renowned producers such as Ben Sims, OscarMulero, Pacou, Exium, Paul Mac, Grovskopa, A. Paul, Radial,Baas Mooy, Jeroen Search, Christian Wunsch ... JOT ON isnow indisputably a professional dj andE-mailArtistNameBeatport URLWebsiteArtist Bio producer. He finds thepossibility, so long sounded, to devote himself fully tomusic.As for work in the cabin: from 2005 shares space withdevoted dj's as Kazu Kimura, Pepo or Exium ... and hecontinually learns from them. He runs with them their `tours’around the peninsula. Before long his pieces of work areprofiled in media such as magazine Dj1 or charts the likesof Rolando (UR - Detroit, USA), Subspace (Axis - Mirage,FR), Gayle San (Equator - Singapur), Ben Sims (Hardgroove- UK), Oscar Mulero (WarmUp - ES), Ben Clock (Berghain - Berlin, DE), Pacou (Tresor - Berlin, DE), Tommy Four Seven(CLR - DE) o Jerome Sydenham (Ibadan Rec. - SWE).Aconsequence of this increased media presence, increasesJoton visits abroad, playing in the Netherlands, Portugal,Germany, Ireland, Italy, UK ... so far. T he turn of the decade -2010 - imposes itself undisputed acceptance of digitalformat as a basis for any dj session: resistance to changethat the heart and the love of vinyl suggest, can not, inpractice, fight against the evidence of a market thatpunishes the purist with a decreasing publication of newreleases in the traditional format, vinyl ...But Joton makesthis circumstance a chance and with Xone4D discovers newpossibilities that are a new boost to his ability to connectwith the track that sounds under his rhythm