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 - Jonah K


Jonah K is an electronic alchemist known for his dark, eclectic, bass-driven music. His matchless style is a fusion of deep Dubstep and Drum & Bass, featuring heavy, pulsating bass, spine-chilling melodies and complex, syncopated rhythms.His insatiable hunger for experimentation has seen him take a distinctive and dexterous approach to Dubstep, championing the genre in Toronto. He has honed his production skills with several exceptional releases which have landed him on charts and recieved acclaim from Ninja Tune’sSolid Steel Radio, Skream, Tes La Rok, Laurent Garnier and Shelley Parker.Legendary in the Toronto underground, his unique sound is sought after by some of the most unique gatherings and festivals in Canada. Over the last 10 years has played events alongside many great artists, such as Beats Antique, Deadbeat, ill.gates, Eskmo, David Starfire, Deadbeat and DJ Trace.