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 - John Iuliano


John was born (September 15, 1983) in Reggio Calabria, Southern Italy. He is born with passion for music, all kind of music, from hip hop, hardcore techno, all up to electronic music in all aspects of progressive house and dance music of 90’s. When he was 16 years old he get into the world of music and producing with easy tools and after he started with professional equipments. studying music and production techniques occupy part of his future days in his studio, which creates and composes his own productions, remixes, bootlegs, etc... this is all he is looking for , for him right now that’s what matters the most. Everything that he is trying to do is to share his emotion and energy and to reflect this on his production, to trance sounds and also the progressive dupstep. He is also working with one radio that is in progress, constructing and building a weekly program with dance music and this program lasts two hours ,where he allows to expand his own cultural baggage with new trends and his own innovations in music industry. His first album is ‘The club’ with label Act 72 records and Tooltrax Rec and his single ‘Nothing’ with Beatsrec.


100 Trance Tunes
Darthii, Mode Orchestra, Cold Rush, Karati, George Harrold, Caled, Marius Balzer, Miss Moonlight, B. Bone, Nic Toms, Emrah Barut, Berdone, Jeff, Dale, Sylvie, Slimer, Fischer, Miethig, Grand K., Mosahar, Sergio Dub, Maxim Yurin, DJ Satore, Mark Miquel, Dead And Growing, Shango V, Bailey, Blumenkraft, Kyota, Rene Ablaze, Synthesia, Tech Trek, SpaceLine, Crossedeyes, Avalona, Robbie Fithon, Nivanoise, Cem Esgen, Bissen, Victor Dinaire, Stephen Pickup, DJ Sakin, Abendrot, Pluton, Vlad Zelinskiy, Gnidj, Finist, Aleksey Zhahin, Dj Inva, DJ Cyber, Justyna, Ralph Novell, Equaxion, Fanatic Emotions, Morri, Mik Arlati, Eyesman, P. Missat, Chris Forward, Querox, Imperfection, Mujahid, Javah, Mimi Boheme, Nivaya, R-V-M, Schakal, Deadstar, Gabriel Miller, M-Rec!, Bvibes, John Spencer, Infected Fay, Cut N Glue, Dissy, Tiff Lacey, Mark Khoen, Oen Bearen, DJ Roncio, Ten Thence, Astralsound, Thomas Pryce, Dani Bosco, Aruso, Special, John Iuliano, Karol Konik, Matt O Neill, Denis Pfeiffer, Grigory Prometey, Dominico Pondolfo, Dr. Alex, M.a.t.o., Shympulz, Creative Response, Vincent Dacosta, Brian McCarthy, Claudio Fiore, Flicka, Paw Luk, Arctic Domination, Alexander Dream, Call Me Kay, Airosource, Steklo, Dimo Van Kos, DJ Any, Valdas Sakalauskas, Mauro Panello, Rowla, Cosmicspace, Cut N Glue, Aaron Underwood, Roy Edward, Aeden, Chris Forward, Victor, Sovt, Vlegel, Bvibes, Con Phillips, Sunset, Elmomaclroy, Cowboy Mike, Dario Garcia, More Vocal, Ian Buff, Onehundred, Toxic Universe, Oen Bearen, The Qmaster, Tranceless D., Wavepuntcher, Rene Ablaze, Deepside Groove, Cdj`s Vibo Bros, Martin Hughes, Sanderland, Edgar Tapia
Trance Gold Records | 2012-08-10
Trance Top 100
Mark Miquel, Shango V, Sunlight Project, Sleep Mode, Rene Ablaze, Synthesia, DJ Sakin, Gnidj, Aleksey Zhahin, DJ Cyber, Equaxion, Fanatic Emotions, Morri, Chris Forward, Mace Ventura, P. Missat, Imperfection, Mujahid, Aura, Danielle Senior, Schakal, Gabriel Miller, M-Rec!, Bvibes, Phyger, Infected Fay, Cut N Glue, R.E.L, Dissy, Tiff Lacey, Mark Khoen, Pandora, Astralsound, Thomas Pryce, Dani Bosco, Special, Shympulz, The Flowmasterz, Tumultus Simplex, Matt O Neill, Raz, John Iuliano, Oldschool Rocker, Grigory Prometey, Bardalimov, Creative Response, Vincent Dacosta, Tom Sawer, Skyline Live, Brian McCarthy, Shahruh, DJ Overlead, Claudio Fiore, Gianni Paradiso Dj, Ron Ewens, Jenny Johnston, Stana, Qbass, Paw Luk, Klaus Berner, Thomas Florence, Tury, Trancelovers, Justyna, Moonbranch, Veselin Tasev, DJ Emeriq, DJ Drop, Johann Stone, Fortuna, Casus, Airosource, Steklo, Cold Rush, Dimo Van Kos, Nivanoise, Cem Esgen, Near Earth Object, DJ Axel F., Stefan Viljoen, Mauro Panello, Rowla, John Ov3rblast, Zmily, Victor Lyalchuk, Subzone Project, Matthew Kramer, DJ Dag, Lightwave, H.E.R.O., Mhfm Project, Holly, Thec0mand3r, Ewens, Smyth, DJ Satore, DJ Eunostos, Exit Mars, Roxfield, Freddy Aerox, Mr Edgy, Jay-c Richards, George Martinos, Caled, TrancEye, Onehundred, Mosahar, Bvibes, The Qmaster, Feedback, B. Bone, Cdj`s Vibo Bros, Mindrunner, DJ Jurgen, Dj Spaxx, Martin Hughes, Pete Smyth, DJ Cyber, Sanderland, Edgar Tapia, Johan De Kock, DJ Gard, Planet Bass, Larox, Gymir
Trance Gold Records | 2012-08-02