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 - Joaco Cabrin


Joaco Cabrin born on October 10, 1989 in Balcarce Province of Buenos Aires, Argentina. From an early age was able to study music, which helped a lot to refine your hearing more and more, its 10 years of age gave him his first guitar which is the day that continues to create melodies and perfecting. I start as a DJ at 14 years watching and learning from their colleagues, and so began to take hold in your mixes genres ranging from deep house, progressive house and tribal. At 18 years old was hired by Kosiuko radio (109.1 FM Radio ksk, Argentina) with the help of Nicholas Van Orton, white rhino, were the engine to start his career Joaquin. In 2008 participated in bowlingas a club good, muzik club, aqua, jackos bar, sunset, among others.In 2010 decided to start his producing career, starting with the fruity loops passing hours and hours mixing beats and grooves trying to generate their own sound. That year was also called by Veronica Mep Aka Nika Demio, to be part of the country code that was held at the luxurious Racecourse Buenos Aires.And by 2011 it is proposed to start with ableton classes, which were given by Juan Zolbaran (Kumquat label) that helped joaquin becoming stronger in their productions, the same year participated in clubland playing on the terrace of the prestigious "pacha" with Tomas Iturriza and also in bed baires with Matias Calvo.As early as 2012 so far has its production "Save The Life" that came with the seal of Matthew Lima (Amazing Music), and a remix to his colleague ladies on mars the track Drag Queens (Xela Digital label).


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MoonyMan, Atelier Mécanique, Oliver Gross, MDinsens, Peter Strom, Luc Angenehm, Benjamin Knab, Vin Vega, Massimo Russo, Starskie, Stan Lay, Niko Rivera, Joseph Vier, Tony Garcia, Mr Marcello, Stephie Soto, Bubbafett, Sascha Luxx, Josh Ton, Sylvain Marchal, Albert Hipman, Jeton Gjidoda, Hooks, Robaris, Matthew Gold, Lady Cleo, Steve & Austin, Housephonics, Max Well, One Piece, Vivaa, Karl M, Mads Ramp, Mr. Noize, Alex Scar, Kim Kayden, Pele, Isman Loeschner, Minimal Lounge, Brett Knacksen, Schlepp Geist, Nico Pusch, Plunk.ton, Gerald Peklar, Zeppo Thammer, Allen Alexis, Slavaki, Skla, Sebastian Groth, Peppe Fimiani, Daniel Munkelberg, Loui Fernandez, Alejandro Trebor, Mick Thammer, Peppe Renda, Dry Wet, Sloo, T-Fain, Pasten Luder, Damiandebass, Pico Chavese, Kamika, Frank Taurus, Flavio Kñada, Ritornell, Abby Lee Tee, Kraxelhuber, Anton Prize, Radu Mirica, Sorin Milea, Marc Vision, Chame, D.h.p., Leechy Alexej, Rene Schneider, Electronic Business, Twist3d, Pauke Schaumburg, Artcraft, Ron Ractive, Folie a Deux, Andre Bayer, Ezequiel Gerini, Richbitch, Torsten Van Heer, Simon Jaxx, Andrew Banner, Daniela Lovaglio, Tom Almex, Giuseppe Effe, Maps Of Hyperspace, Loggic, MiKech, The Feelings, Detax, Falke & Vogelbein, Organism, Rob Renson, Nelixus, Knarxx, Meule, K Beatz, Mac Vaughn, Fritz Fridulin, Adam Schock, Dardis, Matt Lewis, Jssst, Malena Nimenrecord, Patrice W., Fritz Fridulin, Michael Otten, Alessan, Joaco Cabrin, Jahiro Alfaro, Barbur, Megatief, Derek Haze, Vin Vega, Starskie, Stan Lay, Dubphone, Helmut Ebritsch, Elia Zoeller, Einsiedler, Mick Thammer, Juergen Vonbank, DJ Danko, Christian Hornbostel, Getic, Nacho Portigliatti, Falke & Vogelbein, Mark Deutsche & Musoé, Kreisel, Adam Schock, Kidd Gerry, Max Schartz, NDR & MJ, Erwin Redzic, Lokal É
Muenchen | 2014-06-27