Key Commands
 - Ivan Romero


From Madrid, an artist with a Project which refers to electronic music , From the mostexperimental sound to the organic , house, deep , tech and minimal.Began a mix music in 2007 having had since 13 years ago interest for it ,Not begununtil 2009 your mixtures for raves and rooms in Madrid, Burgos,Toledo,Etc.With a wide and varied musical concept with own style, Ivan can warm up any roomand make to get the people your style and technic.The passion and concern for the music to led him to begin and learn musicalcomposition in studies of Loca Fm , where along a course of initiation and another mixand mastering and began to make your own Work.This sound came to international labels that began to show musical productionsinterest by ivan ,Kloppenburg Own the German label , kapelle Records ,who supportthese ideas and first ep included with remixes followed him ,Labelsbritish , italian, andare supported by artists like ; Kloppenburg,Lofish,Phidelectronik,Manna-Croup,Armin Hido Hodzic,Adri&,Carlos Clara,Julio Marina between other... also helped radio programin particular, Ivan now work on new projects, with a clear objective,Share your trackswith the rest of the world and people follow enjoy good Music.