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 - Indi-K


From his earliest childhood, music is already part of Indi-K thanks to his father who was a great lover of Jazz and Blues. At the age of 14, attracted by rhythm, he logically chooses the battery and joins a group of Funk Rock.In the 90s, he discovers electronic music through the underground sound of London (Jungle / Breakbeat) and bought his first pair of vinyl turntables. When hearing the Spiral Tribe in a rave party, he has his revelation. He joined the world of the free party, where he starts as a DJ. From there, he mixes hardcore techno in night clubs or in clandestine parties.In 2003, he joined the website and also hosts a radio show where artists come to play in live. During this period he reduces the BPM to develop a more refined Techno.Inspired by Plastikman, Jeff Mills and Laurent Garnier, he immersed himself in the production of his own tracks. From Techno to House vibes, Indi-K likes to mix a predominant rhythmic and a groovy bassline.