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 - Hyperion


Ready to be snatched for a ride on deep rolling, elaborated basslines? Here we go, Jan And Jan, two mellow dudes from Hamburg Germany build the highly regarded psytrance live act Hyperion. Tired of high- handed pseudo pop stars and cheesy puberty trance those guys add the splash to todays full on.After the success of the debut album “Drop Psychosis” (Millennium /.Y.S.E) in 2008 and a bunch of releases on top-notch labels like Antu & Solar Tech Records, Jan and Jan went out to play their ass-kickin’ live-set for the crowds of europes famous open air festivals, serving the magic we all come together for. Experience, attention to detail and their intuition for the right sound at the right time – Hyperions melting pot for high-end leadsounds, growling effects and intelligent melodies. Deep, spurring arrangements and impulsive turning points let their live-sets play in a league of its own. No cheesy hands-up trash – just fucking awesome psychedelics. While Jan H. is also known as DJ Egalo, Jan D. has another successfulproject up and running: He ́s also one part of progressive trance live act J&B Project.