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HousEncounters Music (HE) is a project born from idea of ROBY DI MALONE DJ and KIRV IRVING, owner of KIRV MUSIC RECORDS, created in 2003, is designed to LOS ANGELES (BURBANK-CALIFORNIA), was able to land some Roby Club of the best Americans and Europeans. The brand HOUSENCOUNTERS was created to disseminate, share and listen to sounds due to the birth of HOUSE MUSIC in Chicago (and all its development) and the Balearic Islands (Ibiza - Formentera). In 2006, Roby decided to create a ARTISTIC STAFF Dj and MUSICIANS (accompanying DJ set live) to bring the project in Italy, so the born HOUSENCOUNTERSmusic FAMILY.The team has worked since 2003 with the BANANAS & Co of Formentera and participates in the "Worlwide Tour Bananas & co Formentera" in 2008, landing in the best clubs nationally and internationally. The HousEncounters Music Family is also involved in music production.Staff HousEncounters Music Family (HE):- ROBY DI MALONE DJ/Producer - GABRIEL WISE DJ/Producer - LUCKY FRANCKY DJ - MAURY VIP DJ- NORMAN DENVER Percussion - JAZZY LU Sax/Flute - MIELU VIBE Singer - MASTA GEEZ Singer / Rapper / Producer - BB Singer / Rapper / ProducerThe crew has left its mark in several well-known and Club, evenings with one of a kind, unique and sophisticated. The SOUND is proposing is HOUSENCOUNTERSmusic in live DJ set isHOUSE Music agglomerated in a variety of sounds ranging from: CHILL - Soulful - DEEP - UNDERGROUND-TECH - ELECTRO - CLASSIC -FUNK