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Passionate about music since his childhood, the story of Djerem as we know it began to take shape in 2006 when he purchased his first decks. He went on to develop his own musical style which earned him a residency at the prestigious D! club in Lausanne, Switzerland. Very quickly, Djerem's unique style left its mark on Switzerland's dance scene - hitting the bigest clubs and festivals since. In 2008 Djerem is crowned best "New Talent" of the "I Love Deejay" competition, ahead of no less than 220 competitors! He very soon started producing his own tunes and his podcast "Djerem" propelled him to the top of the swiss charts with over 100'000 downloads! Always at the cutting-edge, Djerem opened his own DJing and music production school in 2010, keen to pass on his know-how to the next generation of DJs & producers. Success was soon to come. At the tender age of 23, Djerem visited both Miami's Winter Music Conference & Amsterdam's Dance Event as a deleguate. During this period he remixed Fred Lilla's "Sunsation" which would later be signed to Yves Larock's label 'Millia Records' before reaching #13 on the Beatport charts. May 2011 would see Djerem move to the next level by joining the Aprod team and becoming resident DJ of the legendary Mad Club in Lausanne, Switzerland. On the production side of things the success continues with a firt place earned at a remix contest organised by Yves Larock. By the end of the year Djerem signs his single 'The Good Things' in collaboration with Axwell's singer 'Max C'. With over 400 nights under his belt in Switzerland, France, Italy, Greece and Turkey needless to say that Djerem's future is looking bright!


100 Dance Workout Music
K.K., DJ Semih, Genial, Houseclashers, Lemonite, Malibu Breeze, Gerald G!, Remaster, B-Tech, Rique De Vil, Crew 7, Raheema, DJ Mafia, DJ Knut, Mykel Mars, Geeno Fabulous, Özkan Önder, Luke Meyers, Ray Burnz, Damien Heck, Damien J. Carter, Radunz, Leitner, Who Is That Dj, Edun, Oscar Salguero, Wavepuntcher, Sexual Energy, Mauro Panello, Alex Greed, Portmann, Addario, Infected Fay, Cut N Glue, Daz Bailey, Blumenkraft, Hannover House Mafia, Javid Senerano, Tim Flanders, Hagen Kiev, Eric Pawls, Chris Wacup, Chris Galmon, Dj Mst, Auxotrophy, Agent Juno, Chris Tunes, Chriz Cramer, Alex Reger, Little-H, Elastique V., Chika, Sammy Love, Dj Ferre, Darkox, Calabria, Greg Tish, Andy Ztoned, Ron Van Helen, Mack, Disco Jumpers, Haddaway, Dr. Alban, Roxfield, Cliff Wedge, Mike Rules, DJ Freeg, Saymo K, Kendy, Brisby, Jingles, Sunrider, Barquero, Commercial Club Crew, Club Rockerz, Outatime, Housemaxx, DD2, Rudy MC, Red 5, Zoe, Global Disco Rockerz, Carlos Chavez, Alicia, Damien S, Discotronix, Damon Paul, Brown Sugar, Niko De Luka, Peter Brown, Eddie Amador, Aura, Pheel, Jacinta, Javah, Bailey, Rene Ablaze, Wellenrausch, Naksi, Brunner, Stereo Palma, Alex Teddy, Stephan F, Marko T., Markoboko, Purenergy, Pitch Twit, Emma Sargison, Tanya Michelle, Cosmic Funk, Kate Lesing, DJ Axel F., Gokosoul, Brain Rock, Stephanie O'hara, Danky Cigale Project, The Boy That Could, Paris Encore, DJ Power, Fun Team Djs, Masterbeat, DJ Sanny J, Lola Lee, Nice, Balu Da Houseclasher, Enzio Velli, N-Todd, Living Cat, Stereoliner, Drunk & Brilliant, Club Rocker, Chriz Samz, Electrophunk, B Van E, Mauro Panello, Excessive Clubbers, Gordon, Doyle, Bloxberg, Andy LaToggo, Henri Lamar, Nojokes Tullinge, CJ Stone, Dany Kay, Brisby, Jingles, Andy Stroke, Rudy MC, Electro Superstar, Jack Dile, Carlos, StereoJackers, Iml, Suka, Hadjas, Uli Poeppelbaum, Loverush UK!, Niels Van Gogh, Eniac, Djerem, Stereo Palma, Southland Dj, Hoxygen, DJ The Bass Sunset, DeCore, Quiet Dosage, TBM DJ, Carsave, Wolf
Workout Music Service | 2014-06-26
Accapella House Collection Vol.1
Anthony Wells, Charlenn, Sunrider, Thomas Saint, Franko Ovalles, Tom Riviera, Souleye Feat Sodad, Marshall Mandroid feat. Jeff Spooner, Nick Harvey Presents Halo, Extesizer, Coby Trip, Nicoletta Nicol, Kid Massive, Simmons, Fio, Max Gazeta, Alex Millet, Francis Soul Feat. Dayenna, Senores Funkees, DJ Scaldia, Max Creative, DJ Cross, Ksenia Moskvina, The Boy That Could, Axwell Kae Feat. Miss Bunty, Jason Lee, Man Of Goodwill, The Groovelab, Street Soul Players, Andy Stroke, Tale & Dutch, André Klein, Egohead Deluxe, Soul Buddha, Peter Brown, Lucas Reyes, Niko De Luka & Brown Sugar, The Henchmen, Moonwaker, Jonathan Landossa & Damon Will, Souljackerz, L.a.b, Aroma, Hornbostel, Donner, Blue Wave, Don Gorda Project, R.f.t.t, Cesar Martinez Ensemble, Soul Emphasis, Melting Plastic, The Sura Quintet, Solanos, Arrojas, Trak D, Ivan Iacobucci, Richard Gatling, T-Spoon, Szloboda, Dj Circle feat.simon Green, Petula Caesar, Gianni B, The Mask, Tatajuba, Portmann, Addario, DJ Sonrojo, Mike White Presents, Esteban Garcia, D-Seven, Melody Deejays, Axcell Feat Powhart, Caju, Aquazoo Project Feat. J.ray, Infinity, Zornmusic, Chris Tanch Featuring Meaghan Murphy, Amir Gelman Vs Pelle, Extesizer Feat. Coby Trip Feat. Nicoletta Nicol, Simmons Ft. Fio, Ricky, Aneta Kacurkova, Pavle Vasiljevic F., Francis Soul, Dayenna, Miami Haze Ft Stanford, Champagne Morning, Dreena, Off Remixer, Patrick Schulz, Joanna, Sherwin, Stergios Sigma, Ghetto Groove, Blumenkraft, Djerem, Amir Gelman, Chris Tanch, Meaghan Murphy, DJ Pruess, Bruce Baps, Dani DJ, Malloc Baldwin, Misti, Don Cartel, Jemma, Carol Jiani, Collective Sound Members, Marcia Mulder, Sogati, Gumbrothers, Zara E, Minx, Inusa Dawuda, Choc Choc Zoo, Jack Morado, Dario Martino, Damon Paul, Soul-ty, Laura Grig, Syntheticsax, Audio Assembly, New Life Crisis, Paul Mahos, Der Minimalistiker, Uniqque, Moonwise, Sammyr Van Selimspahich, Hagen Kiev, Barry Laffair, Eric Pawls, Anthony Wells, Jim Cerrano, Spacekid, Riju Holgerson, Jane Roodyk, Cedric Vian, Marco Vistosi, Alex Millet, Steve Galan, Tony Postigo, Impression, Sanny X, Gomi, Marko J
Baccara Music | 2013-10-18