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 - Hey Sam


If you’ve ever received a missed call from an unknown number at 5am, there’s a good chance Hey Sam was on the other end of it. Wearing his trademarked thick-framed glasses and probably looking for the closest kebab shop, he is indeed a creature of the night.The Australian DJ/Producer/Record label owner has been forging his sound for many years, and has made plenty of friends along the way. Renowned not only for his energetic DJ sets, but for his sheer love of all things on the internet, dancing like an idiot, and drinking more beer than Boonie on a flight to London.He has played at some of the countries premier venues, is at ease playing poolside covered in sunscreen, or at a sweaty nightclub, either way his glasses are guaranteed to fog up. He is also said to have flown home hung-over every time, a title that he still defends to this day.The fact is, Hey Sam is exactly why Fathers lock up their Daughters. He’s a pasty white dude, who plays ball trembling bass heavy house music. With releases on the revered Hussle (Ministry Of Sound), One Love, Vicious Recordings, Suckmusic, as well as running one of the countries most exciting independent labels, Jump To This, you’ve probably heard his music, and he’s probably swiped your sister on tinder.