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 - Goosebumpz


Based in Melbourne, Australia, Goosebumpz has become a household name within the underground electronic music scene. Capitalising on the bass music movement Down Under, he is well known for his extremely tight production, attention to detail and quirky, psychedelic sound design.These days, he’s shifting air and inciting dance floor mayhem with a free-range exploration of broken-beat styles, where funky, playful glitch-hop and squelchy, psychedelic dubstep meets staunch mid-tempo breaks. His music is broad, although often infused with organic instrumentation, tough, textured bass work and emotive, synthesised melodic counterparts.With releases so far on Empathy, Adapted and Enig'matik Records among many other eminent labels, accompanied by an arsenal of fresh, phat, cheeky beats, Goosebumpz has begun to make a definitive mark on the underground electronic music scene around the globe.