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George Martinos , is a Greek Lebanese counter tenor singer born in Beirut to a greek father and lebanese mother, entitle of a bachelor degree in civil law and musicology ,started to sing at the age of 4 when he got discovered by the priest of the church back, laterTogether with his twin brother Alain Martinos they formed a group «T WINS AG» in 2002 as they had a lot of attention from the media field and a lot of T V Interviews . T he debuit album released in 2005 Habibi Rouhi composed by a very famous lebanese music composer George Mardirosian was embraced warmly by the public with a successful promotion round including interviews and public appearances on TV and magazine 2007 George Martinos moved to switzerland and started composing music and writing songs in english and arabic, plus he worked as a vocal coach in geneva, until NFM Records, a famous label records from Neuchâtel Switzerland discovered his talent and released his singles in english with jay-c Richards and Cedric Llense as producers and composers. georges and alain as TWINS AG have collaborated with J-C Richards in 2011 and released the single Aman Aman in arabic and following a release of a special Easter single « Wa Habibi/My Beloved » on April 5th 2012, currently George Martinos is composing and working on a release of several tracks that will be a part of the twins new and upcoming album in 2013.George moved back to lebanon in 2013 he run hose new night club in jounieh the Twins club and A new collaboration with a very Known artist Maya yazbek for a remix done by George martinos of her very famous song ''boukra lama tsafer'', witch twins will perform with the original artist her remixed song.Recently Twins AG are working together on another single '' lashou el haki'' where it will be filmed in beirut for summer 2013.


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