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 - George Bell


His started his DJ career in 2006 at the glorious stodolnistreet as a DJ called DJ WAYNE where he was a residentfor a legendary club named Bar...Vy. He has been playing inthat club since 2008 and from this time he has played formany events all around Czech Republic and Slovakia inclubs such as :Dolper (SK), Duplex (SK), MMC (SK), Mecca (CZ ), Roxy(CZ ), Fabric (CZ ), Fleda (CZ ), Bar...vy (CZ ), Ta Magika (CZ )He was honored to play with many foreign and Czech djstars.Inpetto (DE), LissaLoud (UK), Kieran Brindley (UK), RomacticTorture (UK),Nitrous Oxide (PL), Peppelina (HU), Chris Drifter (HU), TomVagabond (UK/CZ ), Tamira (SK), Bon Finix (CZ ), LayDeeJane (CZ ), Lucca (CZ ), Michael C (CZ ),Orbith (CZ )He has devoted to musical styles as progressive,techhouseand techno.In the middle off 2011 he has been offered to play in theClub TA MAGIKA on stodolni street where he was playing tothe middle of 2012. In 2012 change occurred and Georgebegan to devote to his own production in progressive houseand electro.Early in 2013 came another change. Wayne changed hisprevious DJ name to a current one to GEORGE BELL. Underthis name together with his DJ colleague Lemitti hepublishes his new track INFECT ED WAT ER.T his track is released by the young Spanish label MANIAT ICRECORDSDISCOGRAPHY:Lemitti & George Bell - Infected Water [Maniatic Records]