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 - Gabriel Marchisio


From Montevideo (Uruguay), where he made his first contact with electronic music at 13 years of age. He is a great example of his father,began to be given to electronic music and got his first sessions to find the perfect mix. In 1998 Gabriel Marchisio is so good at business that he has invited as guest DJs to play at local night clubs in Montevideo and Punta del Este, taking home, tribal house and electro music. Over the next year he flew to present his music around the world, starting in Brazil, Argentina, Israel, Spain and Mexico.In 2002 Acapulco Mexico is where he made one of his best Music sessions and then Cancun, with international renowned DJs. He work on productions for more then 10 main labels companies worldwide, including Universal Music, Sony Music, Pacha Multimedia, Ministry Of Sound, Club Star Records on CD Compilations,Surbeats Records, Transfers Records, Beatone Digital, Nervous Records, Club Star, Lolas World, Molacacho, Empo Tv, Mas Label Mexico And His Label Cancun Records.Can be found on the best online stores sponsored by the Agency Surbeats. Actually, Gabriel Marchisio is supported by important DJs and friends.He has had many achievements as a professional musician, most of his original productions and remixes has been charted in the top 10 downloads in the best online stores like Beatport, DJ Tunes, Juno download and many more.His first track released in 2006 called "I want to play" remixed by his great friend Ariel Perazoli got in the top 26 most sell tracks in Beatport.Well know Roger Sanchez presents his track Downtown as Ibiza Finest Summer 2008 soundtrack and supports Gabriel's work with his feedback in the Radio Show Release Yourself.Gabriel Marchisio is named 2008 Hot Artist On the German store Dj Tunes.In 2009 signed with one of the most important labels such as Club Star (Germany) for his remix Arabian Knight A double CD compilation Included important DJs such as, Dj Antonie, Tristan Garner, Antonie Clamaran, Eric Entrena, Juan Magan, just to name a few.In 2010 Gabriel Marchisio nick and artist name also called "Transfers" has placed in the first place top 10 download in DJ Tunes Germany with the Track "Boogie Gabriel Marchisio & Transfers Mix", also feature track in Beatport and recommended top track as the best Funky House track of the month in Junodowload.2012 Gabriel Marchisio Is Signed By Ministry Of Sound And Pacha Recordings.Undoubtedly a Latin American producer DJ continues to rise both in quality and success worldwide.Gabriel Marchisio electronic music in his world now.For more information, photos & music, search on social networks and official websites.


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Sa Trincha Recordings | 2014-06-20
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Sa Trincha Recordings | 2014-05-02