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Fran Ramirez was born in Madrid in 1984 and since childhood he felt a passion for music. During eight years he took classical piano classes in which he learned the most important part of music theory. As time passes his interest in electronic sounds grows, so he leaves aside his classical musical career and starts to focus himself on an electronic development on music production.In 2008 he starts to get into music business and decides to begin his career as musical producer. At first, very likely because of the tendencies and guidance of his hometown Madrid, he starts producing techno music, progressive-house and trance. Over time and under the influence of the well done European and American sound of house, he focuses himself on what will become his way of living and producing: House music.At the same time, in 2002, his career as Dj begins, playing in the best clubs and discotheques of Spain and Europe, performing hybrid and high level sessions, thereby achieving his one and only target: making his public enjoy.In the year of 2010 he begins to work as label manager at Guareber Records, from which he disengages in 2012, starting a new project together with Mich Golden and Dani Villa under the name of FEEL FREE RECORDS.Achieving lots of top sellers and counting on the support of the best Djs in the world, Fran has managed to release songs under prestigious and important labels like Matinée, for example, and he has produced remixes for leading artists on the international house scene.If you still don't know Fran Ramirez... what are you waiting for?

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2013/07/31 - 2014/07/30


THE BIG HOUSE BANG! Vol. 6 - 60 House Monsters + 6 DJ Mixes
Laut & Leise, Raffunk, Gushi, Ivan Melnik, Ariane Blank, Chixunighted, Trendmonster, Meave De Tria, J2M, DBMM, Mario Chris, Rob Nutek, Wize, Joris Dee, John Jacobsen, Jdakk & French, W.A.N., Hagen Feetly, Fisher & Fiebak, Richard Grey, Peter Brown, Eddie Amador, Dany Cohiba, Miqro, Pesos, Mike La Funk, Groove Salvation, Wawa, Jerry Ropero, Michael Simon, Henri Leo Thiesen, Fran Garcia, Andy G, Plastik Funk, Matteo Esse, Sant, Coco Fay, John Dahlback, Misha Kitone, Tom Novy, Tom & Jerry, Young Rebels, Francesco Diaz, Filip Jenven, Dan Mckie, Lloyd Chapman, Niels Van Gogh, Daniel Strauss, Soundslaves, SL Curtiz, Ton! Dyson, Mike Moorish, Daniel Ortega, Mad Mark, DJ Antoine, Radio Killer, Fran Ramirez, Mich Golden, The Groove Ministers, Jean Elan, Adrian Bood, Steve Edwards, Futuristic Polar Bears, Rafael Diefentaler, Michael Zhonga, Kwan Hendry, Strobe, Jesse Voorn, Rubin, Frankox, Jeff Rock, Alex Berti, EdShock, Deviz Bang, David Hopperman, JuicyTrax, The Double Drop, Majuri, Nimi Dovrat, PumpTheParty, Premeson, Ellroy Clerk, Tim Silent, Russian Nick, Leo Luganskiy, Skntght, Simon Sparks, Riccicomoto, Deep Spelle, Juan Lombardo, DaZZla, Buck Cherry, Laid Off, Leeboy, Flutters, Manuel Baccano, Jommes Tatze, Dan Mckie, Dennis Ramoon, ATFC, Sam Skilz, Federico Scavo, Tune Brothers, Argento, Agent Greg, Abel Ramos, Matt Correa, Robbie Riviera, Jay Frog, The Sloppy 5th's, Nopopstar, Thomas Gold, Chris Ortega, Frankox, Young Rebels, Francesco Diaz, Damien N-Drix, Chemical Nature Project
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