Key Commands
 - Fingers Clear


Starting with the why Fingers Clear started producing, “Well, you just can’t stop what we call the love and joy of music.” Dedicated to electronic music since he can remember, he started experimenting with all kinds of music productions for about a year until he decided “I'll chain myself to deep, tech, techno and progressive house.'' Going strictly from the fire of the night clubs of cent ral Europe t o everyone's ears of t he heart. His debut release “Warm Feelings EP” containing “Warm feelings”, “The FCL Code” has been supported by many well known DJs and electronic music lovers. Fingers Clear is also the producer of “Chicago Sax” and the “Chicago Sax (Finger’s Tech mix)” along with “Shapeless (Original mix)”. Played as a guest in many well known clubs in Albania , Kosovo and Greece. He will cont inue t o develop his love and passion for music and will always devote to that sexy feeling his music gives.