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FERNANDO OPERA aka :Cellar 55, Real Vibe,B.O.T. , Bangra Boyz ,Beat Access ,Papacha ,The Bouncer,Statement .Highly successful, DJ, remixer, club promoter FromIt aly,Born In Naples in 1966 ,Fernando began his long journey in most prestigious clubs of Naples in 1985, the venue has changed the history of Naples nightlife .. at the end of 90' he played live from radio kiss kiss network for 10 years , and he also multiply the clubs where he plays as a guest and resident dj..he was One of the first neapolitan dj with Marcello Niespolo to cross the console of the Italian clubs such as Pacha, 'Alien, Matis, Sixth Sense, Paradiso already becoming 'the end of the eighties an icon of house clubbing. at the end of the nineties he had a confirmation of its success as a DJ, producer, remixer working with artists likes of DJ Pippi, Cesar De Melero and assisted by the "master" Giuseppe Tuccillo and creating productions for labels such as UMM, FLYING, TOMMY BOY, RISE, STEREO PRODUCTION, UNDISCOVEREDetc ...his carrier t urning point in 2003 as a producer wit h t he creat ion of the Group of CELLAR 55, musically oriented toward sounds' very Chillhouse Pop ... the first single "With or Without You", U2 cover, immediately jumps to the top of all nat ional rankings .. and ent ered int o many important compilation such as : MONTECARLO NIGHTS , Buddha Bar, Suavis, SWEET YEARS .... The group has finished the first album 'in 2007, and have been chosed by Giorgio Armani as official group (the music of his official website are all of the cellar 55) and support for parties and collaborations fashion shows .He cooperat e and worked wit h lot s of int ernat ional DJs and musicians such as Cesar de Melero, DJ Pippi who worked with him for other crops under the pseudonym: BEAT ACCESS , His productions go from DeepHouse to ChillHouse .


80 Top Radio Mixes (Unmixed Special EDM Radio Edits)
Streamrocker, Stefano Prada, Tim Berg, Slin Project, BK Duke, DJ Favorite, Mousse T., Emma Lanford, Subsneakers, Stas Satsura, Crew 7, Soul Bros, HME, Franko Ovalles, David Hopperman, Amanda Wilson, Rash, Al Sambello, Cuba Club, DJ Pantelis, LaForte, Roke DJ, Luis Mendez, Eriq Johnson, Avo, Polina Griffith, Tivoli, All Access, DJ Stef, Nina Hills, DJ Energy, A.C.K., Simon Point, Popmuschi, Minus 8, Tap Tap, Swen Weber, Horny United, Philippe Heithier, Maurizio Inzaghi, Hochanstandig, Jerry Rekonius, Whiteside, Sacchi, Durante, Cunnie Williams, Monie Love, Jorge Martin S., 2 Men On A Trip, King Richard, Danny Torrence, Djmorales, Roger Shah, Sian Kosheen, Vibes & Houzer, Carlos Mendes, Tom Leeland, Alex Muller, Airwin Granero, Swagsophonist, Falko Niestolik, Madfish, Shena, Ron May, Emrah Is, Michael Fall, Drew Darcy, Inusa Dawuda, Isabel, Robbie Miraux, House Bros, Escondido, Milkwish, Miqro, Gringo, Franklin Rodriques, Manuel Baccano, Deejay Fred, Wet::Sex, Jayman, Darren Baxen, Oscar De La Fuente, Jordan Rivera, Neo-Rah, DJ Nejtrino, Nikita Malinin, Dave Kurtis, Sergio Ramos, Gyulia, Boza, Tess, Ryan Filmore, Elektro Horse, Addict DJs, Ellenyi, K La Cuard, Jackville, The Palatinates, Key, Phun, The Cruzaders, Baseek, Davide Marchesiello, DJ Monxa, Beatchuggers, Dual Playaz, Christopher S, Algorhythm, Geeno Fabulous, Lady Bug, Oliver Meadow, Miss Thunderpussy, Betty Ford, Stev Burton, Noe, DJ Reginald, Majuri, Soulbeats, Avicii, So Phat!, Al Sambello, Crew 7, DafHouse, Michael Fall, Nowak, Swen Weber, Nogales, Zito, Dave Kurtis, Mousse T, Violet Masters, C-Go Forte, Vengerov, Gianni Kosta, Parker, Kent, Dankann, Fernando Opera, Beatchuggers, Hooml, Steve Stio, Robin M., Vincent De Jager, Miky Falcone
On Air | 2013-10-23