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 - Federico Mesclando


Federico Mesclando is a dj producer 29 years. In 2009 hejoined the famous group of DJs from Carcassonne FAMILLEELECT RO RECORD. Henceforth he multiplies dates inlegendary places such as the famous Rachdingue(Villajuigua Spain) Bikini (Toulouse-France), T he Budha Bar(Saint-Marteen-Caribbean) during the evenings FamilyElectro Silicone Soul, Rainer Weichhold, Kiko, Kavinsky, GregDelon, Joris Delacroix, James Flavour, Secret Cinema, ClaraMoto etc..Passionate house / tech- house, minimal / minimal-techno heturned to production and delivers several EP (Extented Playor Maxi) on various labels such as Documenti Sonori, BerlinAufnahmen, code 2records or Famille Electro Records. Heworks for the EP with various artists such as Matt Minimal.Frederico Mesclando is since 2011, the president of theassociation and Electro label Family Records.