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EXACT or Andrew Lihvar.. ..started his career in 2000, participating in small parties of promo group X-promo. In 5 years his name appeared in every second large party of Riga, and his sets were compared with the sets of main guests. Due to his good contacts with the famous Dj's from all over the world, Exact has the most exclusive material of all materials brought by Dj's to Riga. Every set of Exact is fresh, brand-new and exclusive, without exception it drives up (efforija :) everyone came to the party. During the last 3 years Exact played on one stage with the following musicians: Technical Itch, Limewax, Evol Intent, Dj Hidden, Submerged, The Prodigy, Robyn Chaos, CounterStrike, Resound, Mutated Forms, Current Value, S.I.N, Dylan, SPL, Sunchase, Future Prophecies, Raiden, Paul B, Subwave, LadyWax, Blank & Jones!, Marco V, Tim Deluxe , Tom Novy, Junior Jack and Kid Crème , Lady wax , General Midi. Exact is well-known as an organiser of mass-projects "Invasion", "Therapy sessions". In the two-year period he organized 8 large parties, so it can be said surely, that Andrew Lihvar have changed the direction of electronic musics developement in Latvia. Pulling out the electronic music from "underground".