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 - Enrico Donner


Enrico has composed more than 700 songs which have been released into vinyls, tapes, cds and digital media. Enrico writes music for himself and several other artists, including Don Gorda Project, Rey Salinero, Baghira, Arrojas, Blue Wave, Solanos, Miraflores, Aquarius, Saba Rock, Cane Garden Quartet, Riquo and many others. His productions range from Ambient, Lounge and Downtempo to Chill, Deep and Tech House, and his music has been released by more than 30 labels in over 1,000 collections around the World.Enrico is also a studio owner, and his “Karmaluna Studios” are based in Göteborg, Sweden, and offer an optimal producing and mastering environment.Enrico is currently resident DJ at Port Du Soleil and Peacock Dinner Club, two of the most exclusive clubs in Sweden.


Best of Lounge Music 2014 200 Songs
Schwarz & Funk, Best Of Chillout Lounge, Spiridion, Novo Som, Enrico Donner, Oscar Salguero, Mellow Cloud, Chickenskin, Stereoliner, Loungeside, Ricky Martini Dj, Y. G., D Project, Alteria, Vincent Vicente, Danny Rodia, Brazilian Friends, DJ MRG, Junior D, The Night Of Chill House, The Sky, Maximilian V, Erdton, Subjazz, Pater Rob, Thundermike, Fancy Vienna, Fred Henderson, Cesar Martinez Ensemble, Ajc, Spielwiese, Mykel Mars, Alex Nöthlich, Miguel Lando, Blue Wave, Spirit, Sound & Vision, Sky And Sand, Luigi, Riccardo, Jacek Stam, Downstairs, DJ Zoia, M.V.F, Jovifra, Benotto, Champion Beans, DJ Snail, Love Pacific Industries, Francesco Demegni, BarBQ, peot, Kenny Laakkinen, Tim Besamusca, Kim And Buran, Tilo Klas, Luciano Nieto, No Panties Allowed, Wave Motion, Squibb, DJ Danilkin, Baghira, Trillian, Taha, Diego Polimeno, Alberto Vigano, Deephonia, Sebastien Angrand, J Sasz, Maya, Cazintel, Cosmic Quest, Solanos, John Soultek, Rey Salinero, Maurice Scoville, Exit Mars, Mashtoko, Mr Luke, Urban Razz Collectiv, Belinse, Lavejazz, Koichi Sakai, The Big-t, New World Lounge, Counting Clouds, Andriesh, Cut N Glue, Pcm, Manik, Octario, D.c. Beat Productions, The Sura Quintet, Mono Tuned, Blue Horizon, Downbeat Crackz, Sunny Bay, 8 Bit, TD, Sonia Brex, Plaza, Nausicaa, United DJ's, Sweet Pepper, Seven Dreams, Manuel Merlini, Ricardo Princess, Music Paradise, Crazy Girls, L.P.V & Knight, Blue Garden, MD Project, Barcelona Grooves, Gabriel Marchisio, Kaweye, Rowla, Noiseevoluter, Inner Smile, Lynx, Electronic Yellow Jammer, The Junior D, Anjl, Executive, Oceanic Dream, The Man, Feel Good, Cane Garden Quartet, Mirage Of Deep, Lord Nord, Clark Parker, Armando Gomez, Dulcis Domus, Don Gorda, Aatoo Cito, KIM, Buran, Correspondence, Sthwayza, Numb Source, Dave Silovich, Johannes Eggenberger, Ladale, Lord Matteo, Lavejazz Project, Odyssey, City Capture, Wine & Dine, E1 Ten, Macao Cafe Music Pres., Audio Infinite Orchestral, Sonis R, Ess Aitch, Sake Lovers, Suntheca Prod., Arrojas, The Spectaphiles, Retrosynco, Saydash, Max Wilhelm, Prohibisound, Dean Ashby, Matthias Schenk, Liron Afuta, Blippo
Sa Trincha Recordings | 2014-06-20
Lounge - 200 Lounge Songs
Schwarz & Funk, Best Of Chillout Lounge, Spiridion, Alex Nöthlich, Enrico Donner, Mykel Mars, The Sura Quintet, The Mask, Novo Som, Vincent Vicente, Downbeat Crackz, Tranquilo, Q.q.q, Sky And Sand, Taha, Trillian, Blue Wave, Baghira, Miguel Lando, Wave Motion, Romanto, Out Of The Drum, Spielwiese, Luciano Nieto, Fred Henderson, Tilo Klas, Ajc, Kim And Buran, Cesar Martinez Ensemble, Tim Besamusca, Fancy Vienna, Thundermike, BarBQ, Elwyn Lear, Matty James, Pater Rob, Subjazz, Love Pacific Industries, Erdton, DJ Snail, Champion Beans, Benotto, Jovifra, M.V.F, Maximilian V, The Sky, The Night Of Chill House, Junior D, DJ MRG, Downstairs, Brazilian Friends, Alteria, Leotone, D Project, Y.G., Cazintel, Fred and Flow, Magnam Gloriam, Marebo, Thomas Markowic, Matthieu-b, Music Paradise, Ibiza Groove Squad, Dj Existence, Bikini Beats, Philip Aniskin, Alexsandra Mell, Inusa Dawuda, STJ, Maureen Sky Jones, Prohibisound, Vinito, Sonis Rai, The Warheads, Rock-Candy, Mellow Cloud, Blue Horizon, Sunny Bay, Coffe & Cigarette, Luigi, Riccardo, Chickenskin, TD, Jacek Stam, Loungeside, Sonia Brex, Ricky Martini Dj, Unearthly, DJ Converso, DJ Hot Hands, Aldemario, Ricardo Acossa, Mabibaland, Bossarythm, Vincent Lace, Music Sea, G Fox, The Flyhigh Project, MD Project, Kaweye, Rowla, Noiseevoluter, DJ Tonjah, The Disko Starz, Inner Smile, Lynx, Naiko, Paul Sureno, Electronic Yellow Jammer, Kama, Anjl, Giannini Project, Executive, S.B.Z., Oceanic Dream, Paczy, Flame&co., The Man, Frank D, Feel Good, Holographic Dissolve, Francesco Demegni, Urban Snack, J Sasz, Gnowee, Esteban Garcia, Subworks, Goo-boot, Anori, Bless This Mess, Der Ziegler, Whilo, Prismalodic, peot, Correspondence, Sthwayza, Phatos, Numb Source, Infinity Space, Dave Silovich, Johannes Eggenberger, Virtusx, Ladale, Quincy-co, Maurice Scoville, Deephonia, Exit Mars, No Panties Allowed, Fred Del Mar, Coco Base, DJ Danilkin, Squibb, Lord Matteo, Urban Razz Collectiv, L.n.x., Vasilis Giotis, Spirit, Sound & Vision, Belinse, Lavejazz Project, Counting Clouds, Aquarius, Ensoul, Stratum, Palton, Peter Lagarde, Phil Wolff, King Hookiss, Yahwo Jifahji, Ria, Go Dugong, Skifi, Corosun, Mark Khoen, DJ Sakin, Suntheca, Max Wilhelm, Saydash, S.r., Liron Afuta, Carlos Vargas, Blippo, Vasilis Giotis, Loungeside
Sa Trincha Recordings | 2014-05-16
Buddis Lounge Bar
Q.q.q., Velva Johnson, Rey Salinero, Blue Wave, Arrojas, Enrico Donner, Aquarius, The Sura Quintet, Schwarz & Funk, Baghira, Best Of Chillout Lounge, Oscar Salguero, Sky And Sand, The Foxtrot Effect, Deep House School, Shoshon, Cesar Martinez Ensemble, Peter Flower, Blue Horizon, Soul Buddha, Plaza, Rock-Candy, Mellow Cloud, Downbeat Crackz, Sunny Bay, 8 Bit, Praya E Mare Soundsystem, Luigi, Riccardo, Luigi & Riccardo, Chickenskin, Jacek Stam, Stereoliner, Loungeside, Ricky Martini Dj, Fast Connection, Sweet Pepper, The Sky, Maximilian V, Manuel Merlini, Music Paradise, DJ Joseph B, Rio Grande, Max Gueli, Deep Industries, Gabriel Marchisio, Champion Beans, Kaweye, Rowla, Noiseevoluter, DJ Tonjah, DJ Snail, Inner Smile, Lynx, Erdton, Naiko, Electronic Yellow Jammer, Subjazz, Chrisso, CJ Masou, Gomer Edwin Evans, Bashira, Holographic Dissolve, Spektrum-Gebeit, Francesco Demegni, Thors, Aureana & Friends, Arthur Mcqueen, Peter Gensinger, Kim And Buran, Los Autenticos, Ajc, Lophius Rec, Tilo Klas, G Fox, Dave Silovich, Lord Matteo, Collective Sound Members, Johannes Eggenberger, Luciano Nieto, Virtusx, Stefan Schenk, Ladale, Spielwiese, Clapper Priest, Koichi Sakai, Quincy-co, Esteban Garcia, Subworks, Maurice Scoville, Mykel Mars, No Panties Allowed, Deephonia, Prohibisound, DJ Santero, Exit Mars, Dulcis Domus, Remaster, Romanto, Out Of The Drum, Andriesh, Magdalena Chovancova, Volkan Uca, Wave Motion, Squibb, Mashtoko, Mr Luke, Robin Rush, Toni Cataldi, DJ Danilkin, Sofia Morales, L.n.x., Dean Sutton, Threestyle, Belcro, Spirit, Sound & Vision, DJ Lazar, Eddie Lawson, Belinse, Lavejazz Project, Trillian, Sabina Challenger, Liron Afuta, Stone Mason, Jazzy Main, Prohibisound, Edd & Leggz
Sa Trincha Recordings | 2014-05-02