Key Commands
 - Ema Remedi


Ema achieves optimistic and energetic dj sets, drenched with organic sounds and persuasive bass lines. Her performances reflect her exquisite taste for jazz, taking you on a journey that can range from the most daring house to the finest old school techno. With an elegant yet powerful sound, Ema definitely captivates the dance floor.Born in Montevideo, Uruguay, she spent many years living in different European cities, learning new languages and adapting to shifting realities. This experience and many others made Ema a passionate woman, always thirsty for new experiences. She gets involved with electronic music in her teen years, beginning a path that positions herself as an undisputed reference of the Uruguayan underground scene.In the past years she has played at the most distinguished clubs, festivals and electronic music events in Uruguay, as well as in Buenos Aires, Prague and Berlin, where she now lives.In 2010 she begins to produce her own tracks. Deeply-rooted house percussions, beefy techno inspired basslines, and reflective melodies that sweep by characterize the peculiar sound of this restless artist.