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 - Elevated Mood


Elevated Mood (Andreas Hoffmann) from Wiesbaden/Germany is not your everyday producer and Remixer. Hismotto: be experimental and pick out the best of anything –make rhythms out of chaos and transform everyday soundsinto crazy effects. „I call it Elevated Techno“, he says. T he in1987 born artist got in touch with Eric Clapton, B.B King andJimmy Hendrix during his early childhood and also enjoyedrock and roll jam sessions at family festivities. But „Pantera“was the name of the Band on a hardcore metal tape hisbrother presented him together with his first walkman a littlelater that flashed him and led to a new era of music in hislife. Whilst a stunning record store experience in the late90s he found an album from Public Enemy called„Apocalypse ´91… T he Enemy Strikes Black“- thatcompletely blew his mind. He didn´t understand one wordthat was said but from this moment on he was infected bythe hip hop culture. In 2000 he finally got in touch withtechno music. New millennium new decade of music. Afriend gave him a live set from „DJ Rush @Convex Club”,which had that „in your face sound“ - ever since he isabsolutely fascinated by this infinite and timeless music.After a lot of clubbing and some initial experiments withmusic software, Elevated Mood decided to make electronicmusic by him in 2011 and now he´s going public with it –ready to sweep the audience off their feet with liveperformances and fascinating DJ sets.