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 - Eclipse


Eclipse - DJ,promoter and producer from Gdansk, Poland.Member of Deeper Than Deep collective. Fascinated by electronic music for several years. He gained first experience on brother CD’s. Dark, melodic trip-hop took possession of his mind, and set up a musical way. For several years focused on drum and bass music. Eclipse began making his own music a year ago. His productions and sets are characterized by a cinematic elements and strong,deep bass sound


Electronic Saviors 2: Recurrence
Tenek, Deathline Int'l, Cancerface, Panic Lift, The Gothsicles, Inertia, Santa Hates You, The Azoic, Rein[Forced], Deathproof, Cyferdyne, Null Device, Sonik Foundry, Left Spine Down, Detroit Diesel, In Strict Confidence, Edge Of Dawn, Constance Rudert, Dan Clark, Wreckcreation, Project Pitchfork, Solitary Experiments, Hypefactor, Uberbyte, Jimmy Semtex, Mindless Faith, Eclipse, Soil, Suicide Commando, Lowe, CYLiX, I:Scintilla, Inure, Trakktor, 23RAINYDAYS, Accessory, Twilight Laboratory, Terrorfakt, System Syn, Ad Inferna, Boole, Ego Likeness, Binary Park, Die Sektor, Stiff Valentine, head-less, Ludovice Technique, Psy'aviah, Aesthetic Perfection, Terminal Choice, Diverje, Am.Psych, The Rain Within, UCNX, Jon Zaremba, The Mighty Chouffe, Angels On Acid, Terrolokaust, Ashbury Heights, God Module, Bella Morte, Encoder, Alter Der Ruine, Militant, Ghost & Writer, iVardensphere, Spetsnaz, Decree, SD6, Distorted Memory, Cryogen Second, Trigger10d, Life Cried, Mesh, The Dark Clan, Caustic, 16volt, Empusa, Everything Goes Cold, Unit:187, Blutengel, AimOniA, Jolexx, Patricia Wake, Lane Ellen, John Verbos, Espermachine, Boxed Warning, Reaxion Guerrilla, cesium_137, Retrogramme, N.T.T., Necrotek, Covenant, Sensuous Enemy, Neuroactive, Nachtmahr, Ayria, Jimmerz Semtex, Jimmerz Cookas, Syrian, Decoded Feedback, Obscenity Trial, XuberX, Monody, Hocico, Thoushaltnot, FGFC820, Interface, Terror Firma Sky, Agnes Wired For Sound, Society Burning, Dym
Metropolis Records | 2012-05-08