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Adis Hotic AKA Duky was born in Bosanski Novi, Bosnia & Hercegovina on January 19th, 1989. At age 9 Duky moved to Grand Rapids, Michigan. He fell in love with Old School Hip-Hop, such as Wu-Tang Clan, Mos Def, Nas, Gangstarr, Big L, and many others. At age 13 Duky started producing Hip-Hop music, just for fun with a  few of his friends. Not long after He was already producing beats for local Hip Hop artists in his city. In 2007, Duky went to DEMF for the first time with his older brother Haris Hotic. Seeing Dj's such as Richie Hawtin, Magda, and Marco Carola greatly influenced Duky to start producing electronic music instead of Hip-Hop. He began making a lot of productions mainly being Minimal and Techno at that time. By 2010 Duky had already released over 150 tracks and also started a new label called Fourth Kind along with his good friend and partner Jeremy Brown aka Memnok. Fourth Kind is a label based on a darker style minimal and techno. In 2011 Duky decided to use a new approach to creating music. He was much more influenced by deeper sounds, at which point he came up with the idea of making a new record label just for releasing Deep House/ Tech House music, called Deep Tech Records. Now Duky is constantly busy trying to improve his music and his labels to bring music fans new, fresh, and funky sound that they have never heard before.