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 - Ducaz


Petar alias Ducaz is a 22 year old DJ/producer from Middelburg, Netherlands. He’s also active under the name AnUnnaki, which he uses for his drum & bass performances. He started to spin records at the age of 15, influenced by his cousin. At the age of 18, he started to spin records at local venues. With the music program Ableton, he started to produce hip-hop, triphop beats and soundscapes, often enhanced with a certain experimental flavour. One day he met Noisy at a drum & bass event, and some time later, he posted a track on her facebook wall. Noisy was so blown away of his style, that she immediately phoned him, and a couple of hours later, he came to her house showing his music. Since then, Petar started to produce tracks which he calls illu-core, interpreted as a form of industrial techno. His debut release in this style can be heard soon on the corporate EP with Noisy called "Feed The Rabbit" on Audio Autopsy.