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 - Driftkong


Driftkong (Dominique Keufen) started making music at the age of 10 learning how to play guitar. At the age of 15 he began bothering his friends with some unpolished and disgusting electro productions. During the next years, he started a couple of band projects and whenever not rehearsing or performing on stage improving his skills in producing electronic music. His focus since 2011 now being completely on electronic music he still makes use of his numerous guitars regularly, either spontaneously composing new music or even recording samples to be woven into his compositions filled up with fresh ideas and an incredible feeling for what makes a sound special. His music in the words of is characterized by an "exceptionally unique audio-construction" and "exquisitely detailed" sound. He now presents himself to the scene with his solo EP "The Tribe" on Future Follower Records and a collab’ EP with his friend ZmoKingZ called "Zoo Rumble EP" on LU10 Recordings.