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 - DJ Scotty Boy


Scott “Scotty Boy” Schroer is a veteran DJ/producer with over 25 years in the musicscene under his belt. This L.A. native prides himself on being part of the Vegas mashupand EDM movement since the early 2000s. From working in radio in Los Angeles, SanFrancisco and on Sirius XM, Scotty Boy is a scene staple taking electronic music bystorm. Voted one of the Top 10 DJs in America for three consecutive years by DJ Timesmagazine, ranked as one of the Top 100 DJs in the world on and BestHouse DJ in Las Vegas four years in a row, Scotty Boy is now putting his crowd-rockingexperience to work in the studio. His first track in 2009, “4AM in Vegas,” broke out in theBeatport Top 100. Moving forward, he went on to release several more chart-toppersthat can be found on iTunes, Beatport, SoundCloud and music download sites aroundthe world. Starting off 2014 his latest single “Shiny Disco Balls” hit the Beatport Top 20and is being supported by some of the biggest names in the industry. Not only does Scotty Boy rein brilliance in the studio, he has spent the last 10 yearstouring the world. Fresh off his latest tour in Australia he released a massive new track,“Melbourne,” inspired by his experiences and new love for the Aussies. He has alsobeen touring and producing under his alter ego “Fyasko” playing deep house, technoand nu-disco to separate this sound from the Scotty Boy EDM sets. After holding down major residencies at almost every legendary club in Las Vegas overthe past 13 years, Scotty Boy is now on the road full time and releasing new musicunder both names.