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 - DJ Bulent Billie Dee


BIO.. I keep it simple.. Bulent Asci aka Billie dee born in 03. January .. in Turkey.. he lived in different places, like ibiza, italy, swiss , germany and now living curently in austria ex dancelegend (Disco King & Freestyle Pioneer of Europe) in 1983-1989 he was 5 year long in the european top 30 @ Space (Ibiza), Hypodrom (London), 1996 live television appearance at VIVA ( ex moderator Stefan Raab actually TV-Total & Top Of The Pops, The Dance hall of Leipzig MDR (Germany). Also in several videoclips on VIVA. etc. . In the beginning of 80 er from NY-Roxy Club ' to Ibiza' Pasha' 'Space' to zurich (CH) The Legandry Clubs 'Pasedenna''Flamingo' und 'The Club (Actually OXA) to Austria 'U4' & Sender ' to Milano Club 2001- Rimini Altra Mondo -Riccione ' Peter Pan ' some Remembers of the Clubs & Szene at This Teim .. He started deejaying 1985 Over twenty years behind the decks , was booked by several music agencies @ Zurich (Ch) and play in over 40 clubs in whole Middle Europe. 1996 he had his breakthrough at a private party called Taranga Movet at Kaufleuten Zurich (CH). After this he was for 2 years residence DJ at the Pasha Club in Winterthur (CH) & Resident DJ at Many Several Clubs. Describe Billy..s style one mix from as Deep - Funky - Tribal- Tek - Minimal House & Elektronica ... And everything what is cool. Billy has collaborated with guest DJ.s & label artists: Tony carasco , , Brian S ,Jamie Lewis,David Dee ,Todd Terry, , Ian Pooley,Lorenzo Al Dino ..etc.. His prolific DJing has seen him playing worldwide in major countries such a : Vienna,Zurich,Munchen,Algavre, Prag,Rimini,London,Istanbul,Ibiza,Lyon,Amsterdam, Budapest, Caracas, ..many mohr.. I am availble for remixes, new projects, and DJ bookings so feel free to leave a comment or get in touch. Love & peace .