Key Commands
 - Dj Ariep


Born in 1984 in Alcobaça, Paulo Pereira (DJ ARIEP) is already one of the names compelling the DJing of Leiria and the country. It was the 18 years that, at the insistence of friends who said he had a feeling for the DJ. He accepted an invitation to work at the bar 'Flashback' where the battle turned out to be a resident for more than a year, and so there were other invitations for the evening of Leiria, where he continues to date of his residence and responsible for the booth 'CLUBE SUITE '. Also resident every Friday at 'ARMAZÉM BAR', by serving our country goes from north to south, its first international performance was at 2 years in France. For 2011 is preparing to launch its first original songs and continues to animate the dancefloor in Portugal and extend your career internationally. He loves the music of Queen, his favorite is the Portuguese stew, and the first poster in your room is pasted the (his) glorious SLB. One of the disks of your life is "Post Orgasmic Chill", Skunk Anansie. Slippers are your footwear of choice, always keeps milk and cheese in the fridge and although he trained to be Designer, is the music that truly satisfies. In his hands, the music of a more "mainstream" is inventive, bold and ever expanding, based on the "Happy House Music ".