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Martin Pomar. Born in 1990 in Mexico CityIt begins as Dj Set at the age of 14 years playing in variouslocal festivals Industrial Techno scene.2007 Birth of his project called Disco & Bass which is takingshape over the years to achieve a unique style andunmatched.2009 Premiere of his live act in a local private party, whichhad great response from the public who attended the privateevent2010 Now with experience in the Techno scene and decidesto hone his style very well playing in different local festivalsandaround the Mexican Republic;Since 2011 over time Disco & Bass began working ondifferent labels both National and International launch sodifferenttracks in the style that characterizes it is not until2012 when it released its first EP called DEREK under therecord label Euphoria Record's of France in Beatport andthis is dedicaco your child which carries the same name asthe EP, thus remaining at # 1 in sales in Euphoria Record'sand Beatport, over a few months knows Natural SystemRecord's Mexico and begin to work together so far, is aswell as launching their 2nd EP titled Unity in BeatPortstamped Natural System Record's being located with greatacceptance and sales as # 6 in the genre Techno onBeatport and Natural System. And in turn began working forvarious domestic and foreign labels and placing it as one ofthe producers but to call public attention technoso insideand outside the country.Disco & Bass has shared the stage with great exponents ofTechno International and National throughout Mexico andhaving a great acceptance by the public knows of this greatscene.Disco is a structure of rhythmic percussion, dance andprofessionalBass are low strong, dynamic dancers and dance to makeyou explode the dancefloor with your feet.Disco & Bass is currently working with various remixes formajor exponents of this genre and releases this year thatwill go on sale at all digital stores of world music.