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Chunky name, versatile and defined sound: BUTCH spent the past three years presenting us with a constant amount of high quality output ranging throughout the different genres of electronic dance music with such an ease and passion that he has made it to be one of the most sought-after names worldwide. After various very successful productions and remixes for internationally renowned labels such as Trapez, AFU Limited and Great Stuff the debut album entitled „Papillon“ on the latter mentioned Munich based powerhouse in autumn 2008 seemed as the only logical next step. Butch saw this album as a possibility to present his love and rich amount of ideas for all spectra of dance music from pumping peak-time Techno via smooth Tech-House to minimalist deep sound experiments. Critically acclaimed, loved by DJs it exceeded all expectations by presenting us with a timeless club-classic for your home. Similar to his intuition whilst playing on the dance-floor, his releases always grab the nerv and vibe of the moment and not only capture his audiences, but many DJs worldwide just as well. It comes as no surprise that Butch-releases such as „Mushroom Man“ (AFU-Limited), „Earth“ (Trapez) or „Amelie“ (Great Stuff) can be found in the playlists of prominent names such as Richie Hawtin, Dubfire, Villalobos, Luciano and many others. Already his second release „On the Line“ was so successful it got him two nominations in the categories „Best Techno“ and „Best Remix Techno“ for the Beatport Music Awards 2007. Butch's tour calender is filled to the brim with over 100 bookings a year and living proof of his abilities as a DJ. His gigs are responsible for his enormous amount of travelling within and outside of Germany and Europe and over the last two years he has accumulated a very impressive vitae including legendary club references such as Rex (Paris), Fabric (London), Cocoon (Frankfurt),Cocorico (Riccione), Flex (Vienna), or La Terrazza (Barcelona), which have all been intrigued by his sound. The calender in 2009 has very exciting notes on the agenda for Butch: Besides his extensive tour through dozens of countries the first 6 months will include releases on the home-base labels AFU Limited, Trapez and Great Stuff as well as the dutch label Area Remote and the Mannheim-based House imprint 8Bit. Remixes for established artists such as 2000 and One, Thomas P. Heckmann, Daso & Pawas and Ramon Tapia will also hit the floors with such an energy that his name is more than set for the year. Big on the plan is also the collaboration with his friend and studio partner AMIR (Trapez/8Bit) not only as A&R, but also as releasing artist on the new collective called „bouq.“. The label was founded together with their friends Sebastian Lutz, Caio Duncan and a few background helpers to establish a new platform for innovative music, quality promotion, fun events and bookings.


Midnight Heroes, Vol. 2 (Mixed By A.C.K.) (Special Edition! 4 DJ Mixes & 65 Unmixed Tracks for Underground People)
A.C.K., Johan Wedel, Ramon Tapia, Maxim Lany, Butch, Stefano Noferini, Max Freegrant, Rene Amesz, Baggi Begovic, Groovebox, Jay Mocio, Tom Wax, Nasty, Tresher, Solee, Oliver Schories, Olivier Giacomotto, DJ Tonio, Erick Dere, Rainer Weichhold, Monika Kruse, Martin Eyerer, Kid Massive, MC Flipside, Gayle San, Coqui Selection, Hoxton Whores, ThreeSixty, Dirty Harris, SQL, Ceasar K, Nick Wolanski, Splashfunk, Lucy, John Acquaviva, Mitch De Klein, John De Mark, Antonio Piacquadio, Dainty Doll, Electrixx, Codename, A-Tek, Emanuele Inglese, Hollywood Hills, Zolex, Fran Guzman, Mindgamers, Luvdeluxe, Daniel Portman, D-Formation, Dariush, DJ Simi, Stev Dive, Filth & Splendour, Voltereto, Sergio Castilla, Stephan Crown, Roy Dark, Angel Stoxx, Mr. Norberto, Goksel Vancin, Juan Kidd, Eddy Bjorg, NorbEEboy, Backsideduo, Damir Pushkar, Danny Dewills, Xenia Beliayeva, Mick Rubin, Haruyuki Yokoyama, Outstrip, NDKj, Freddy Fernandez, George Privatti, Jesus Nava, Tim Xavier, Camea, Aconite, David Keno, Jaxson, Mihalis Safras, A.K.O., Egostereo, Olivier Giacomotto, DJ Tonio, Jay Lumen, Muzzaik, John Lagora, Ivan Llamazares, Matteo DiMarr, Steve Murrell, Paolo Bolognesi, Tim Bailey, Steve-N, Pierre Deutschmann, Danny Freakazoid, ThreeSixty, Jason Taylor, Dirty Harris, Soren Aalberg, Florian Meindl, A.C.K., Steve Kid, Ozan Kanik, Baseek, Etal, Syn, Toureau, Oliver Koletzki, Demas, Piemont
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