Key Commands
 - Db-r


In the beginning he was focused only on technoid style of electronic music, but soon he surprised the audience with his skills and suprising choice of Vinyls. So the style developed from Minimal to Electro and Techno…! Why DB-R? Decibel-Rocker he was called in the early days because he loved the loud techno beats. From 2000 on db-R is representey by the Booking Agency dachbodenrec. and after a short time the first international gigs followed. Highlight was the start of the Viva La Electronica in Miami at the world famous and very imprtant scene MUST HAVE Winter Music Conference. From that point on, more and more Gigs happened worldwide. Italy , Australia , Austria , Brazil and many more will follow… db-R is a DJ where you can be sure that quality is the higest priority in his “fingers”