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David Soto Rodas (born 4 Jun. 1982 in Barcelona, Spain),better known as David Myerz, is a Spanish DJ and producerof house music.Since he was very young have passion for music like hisdad. At the age of 24 he met Jason Rivas, one of the bestand powerfullest DJ's & producer at the national market.T his was the starting point of Myerz's frenetic music career.In 2008 Myerz released his first single under the label "Playdagroove " under the name of David Khristalyne. T his isthe time where Myerz's mind was made up, choosing anelegant and comercial style of music that was exposed athis new single "Barcelona" which was a great surprise andmanaged reaching the top in Spain, to be number one onmany radio stations and keeps the top position for severalweeks.In 2011, returns with Jason Rivas remix of "Walkin on thebeat" under the name of David Myerz and then released"Free".In 2012 released "Circles" and "I'm on the fire" two singleswith progressive influences, style that feels morecomfortable,the first to reach the top 20 on several lists of virtual storesand are also remixed by Jason Rivas.In 2013 creates the label "Noise & Stuff records" can torealize their dream.Under this label releases his new single "Were gonna takeit tonight."Also working on this stamp Naggio, Carlos Uri or Jimbo Joe.David Myerz also worked in radio for electronic music.As deejay has worked in some of the best clubs in Spain.