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 - Dario Troisi


Dario Troisi was born in Naples on 26 August 1988. Begins to approach the house music around 14 years, following artists like Masters at Work, Erick Morillo, Francois Kevorkian, Tedd Patterson and many others. He started mixing his first records with the help of software for PC, making the first steps towards the console around 16 years in various parties organized by friends. But it is the age of 18 who is a decided change, leaving a little 'by the soft sounds of house music, Dario begins to approach much more dub rhythms, almost bordering on techno, pursuing this line for quite some time . But the turning point came in 2009 when fascinated to create a more rhythmic and smooth writing of his DJ sets, tech house is immersed in a rich melodic sounds, but at the same time almost hypnotic bassline accompanied by decisive and powerful speakers, and dried. Inspired by this trend, began his career as a music producer, offering his records around among friends and fans of the genre, and it's just the way it manages to have the first contact with a record label, releasing his first album "The Scared as "getting a decent debut as a first appreciation and success, as well as a remix for Leano, great friend and artist. Along the way, new products come on the market, as major labels like musik Reiz, under which we find "Rolling into the jungle", traces remained for months in the top downloads of the label and repeated in various compilations of other labels (Tenor Recordings) with other important artists. In 2010, along with other friends, he began to pursue a project still put up, "Innovative Crew", through which it begins to soak in the Neapolitan scene, playing at various parties and events in Naples and the province and in many festivals and private parties. His idea of music today is characterized by a sound tutt 'nothing but tender, but never let the emotions run in the background on track with warm percussive rhythms, psychedelic melodies and vocals, all wrapped in a slow and engaging immersion between low , treble and midrange. STAY TUNED!