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 - Danny L.


Proud and happy Owner of the Secret Jams Records Label, Danny L. have deep passion and works combining unstoppable energy,inspiration and motivation for the electronic music experiencing djing more than 10 years,Apeared on events in Italy ,Greece,Romania,Bulgaria in Europe and with a exclusive tour in North America In Mexico City 2012 year!In 2010 i started to produce my own Deep House and Techno Stuff !i select very skillfuly and carefully the feeling , mood and the athmosphere of each track i produce so i can bring the exact emotion to the crowd and connect each other,creating musical athmosphere and special moments with my music!But before that It took me some 2 years to clean up my ideas and vision about my sound and genre! i was not producing and building a projects ,and was not recording at all just listening sorting out the things in my head, so i can developt in the future more proffesionally and create a bunch of individual skills ,focused on one question- How my sound will come up? And how the people will make the conection between my sound and me?Because with no idea and no certain point sure you dont get muse to work no inspiration only several ideas with no acomplishment at all !So Now Is His Fresh Start!The Label will appear with Deep And Tech House relases from International collective of Artists! ! We Start as we always have been in love with the Groove ! Big And Massive Things are goin to apear soon from us ! Cheers And Do Not Forget that - Music Is the Only Answer!Exclusive artist web profile links:DANNY L ON SOUNDCLOD : ADVISOR : FAN PAGE : MIXCLOUD : MUSIC : PLAY FM :;