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 - Daniel Allen


Akin to the mysterious sea anemone, Daniel Allen'ssensibilities stretch from deep in the underground straightup to the surface. Since his breakthrough in '89, he's hadhis tentacles in everything – 80s, drum & bass, house, andmore recently, techno. Allen's seamlessly unpredictable djsets keep the crowd on its toes, while his meticulousproduction has tickled the likes of labels such as NOICE!,Planet East, Nightshade Music and Harmonious Discord.On top of his residency at the legendary Austin bar Plush,Daniel has played alongside pioneers like John Johr, JustinMartin, Craig Kuna, Alexander East, and the obscureConvextion. In conjunction with techno collective U Funktion,his endeavors as Vagabond have booked world renownedtalent such as Damian Lazarus, Oner Özer, T hree, DannyDaze, Punisher and Camea.As one half of Backseat Bingo, Daniel has releases withNathan Stewart on Revolutionary Music, Kolour Recordings,and Jackin' the Box, as well as with DJ 0045 on Cobalt,Special Recordings, Z tudio and Pure Trax.