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 - Dani HR


It's been over a decade since the introduction of Daniel in the music scene under the stage name of Dani HR, absorbed by the fascinating cast of DJ's of the time (Marco Carola, Richie Hawtin, Dave Clark ...) and by the discovery of what was a challenge full of hope ... electronic music.He began his first steps on the electronic scene as a guest in small rooms and raves in the south of Madrid, which soon after receiving his first residence in Madrid, ELEKTRA CLUBAfter acting in various parts of the Spanish geography stands as a resident in the capital named after Buon Giorno.We have been enjoying their performances in a myriad of rooms in Madrid and also in many other Spanish cities. Be highlighted to name a few COOL LONG PLAY, COPPELIA, Danzoo FESTIVAL, OPIUM, NAO, THE END, THE MADANE, Tumble, MONTE CARLO, SUNSET, BEAT, Discotech ... Our country is a regular DJ in Cali and Cartagena de Indias (Colombia) at venues such as LULU O SERAFINAHis musical tastes are varied so that also allow for a session as both Deep Tech more forceful. Encouraged in their live does not leave indifferent cabin, showing an expression that manages to immerse audiences in a state of excitement and movement that seems interminalbleAs a producer currently working for labels such as Bembe Recordings, 2Seconds Avioground Records Records (Italy)