Key Commands
 - D. Napolitano


Was born in Napoli on 30/09/1985. Always with great admiration for Djing, he knows the music at 6 years with his mother, pianist, who began giving him, little piano lessons and music theory, but never gets great results; At 12 years knows RAP and HIP HOP with Dr.Dre, Snoop Dogg and Tupac Shakur. At 14 years old he has begun to attend some clubs of Naples, approaching itself so, to house music performed by the best DJs of the moment and started to mix just vinyl music. At the first opportunity buys its first console and it begins to exhibit itself in private party and "homely set". At 17, due to problems is forced to give up, never completely, and to devote himself to work. In 2006 he moved t o Modena where his mot her lived for some years, bringing with him only console and vinyls. Here is convinced of having to chase his dream and he cannot restrain his desire to make music dedicating so to the digital production, meanwhile, it frequents Clubs of Bologna, trying to fit in the environment. Meanwhile he search the style closer to his tastes. He performs on the consolle of many Clubs in Bologna and Emilia Romagna differentiating for its warm, rythmic and aggressive sound.He performs often alongside of Astin, with which, after a time of collaboration, they decide to devote himself to Hustler MUZIK Project.