Key Commands
 - D.F.K.


I was born in good times.People were happy,and my childhood was good.When I was 6 I've felt in love for the first time in my life.She had some black and white keys,and that was a most beautiful smile I've ever seen.From that day she was keeping me happy as no one ever again.At 2009. she brought me to the Superstar recordings with my first release ever,and after that she took me to the places where I've get support for her from guys like Roger Sanchez, Alex Kenji, Eric Morillo, Tom Novy, Jesse Saunders, Umek, Vlada Asanin, Gerald Henderson, and many many more... She was the best ever, at 2012. she showed how it's like to be on #17 Beatport Top 100 House together with my homie Toris Badic.She introduced me to my home label Vamos music,she still leads me to many beautiful places, and because of her, I've had a chance to meet beautiful people.In everyone's biography there are only statistics, I've decide to write my own with emotions.She learned me how to do it, and she's the only one important in my life.Yes she's a Music.