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 - D.Diggler


Andreas Muegge, born in 1975 in Hanau (a city near Frankfurt), developed his interest in music at the age of 3, played drums until he was 18 years old. Mainly inspired by his father, who was a member of a well- known local Jazzband.With 15 years (1990) he had his first contact with electronic music like “Stakker Humanoid”, “Orbital” or “808 State” in Frankfurts legendary Clubs like Dorian Gray, Omen and on various events in Berlin: E-Werk, Tresor, Mayday etc. (1990/91/92).The interest and fascination to produce electronic music increased steadily. 1991 he starts dj-ing and shortly after that the first equipment, like analog synthesizer, sampler and mixer followed1994 he started first underground parties in various outline buildings around and in Hanau. Legendarily the party in the former “Orangerie” in the “Philipsruhe Castle”. Those followed many small and large parties, the “musicenforcement”- team organised together. The most well-known event was the tunnel-party- series (1995-2002 / 2004-today) in one of hanau ́s motorway underpasses, which partly counted up to 900 visitors.Andreas had first “official” gigs in the Club “Ostparkstraße” in Frankfurt. Among others he played with Heiko Laux and Laurent Garnier. Gigs in the “MTW” in Offenbach, U60311 and various radio appearances followed. 1997: contact to “raummusik”. The first 12” “Boogiemonster” was released. It was sold out rapidly. Sven Vaeth played the first tracks and the local radio station “XXL” took tracks in the daily airplay rotation. The first Album “Feel my heat” was released 1999. 2001 he was taken up to Sven Vath ́s booking agency “Cocoon”. Over the years Diggler played in all famous clubs/events in Germany, europe and the USA. Until today he published innumerable 12 inches, tracks and remixes on different labels like Episode, Planet Vision, Level Non Zero, Werkstoff, Raummusik, Highgrade, Unclear, Resopal, Force Inc., Cocoon etc,. After longplayers like “atomic dancefloor”, ”sounds fiction” and “EM.Pulse”, his last album “decade one” appeared in the autumn 2009 on “level non zero”. Since 2010/2011 he is also producing for MRI and Croon Inc. 2011 Together with Pascal Feos, Gabriel Le Mar and Frank Leicher the first sample Collection “Freakz on Beatz Vol.1”was released on Vengeance Sounds. Volume 2 will be out end of 2012. 2012: Collaboration with entire3 (Adelheid Seltmann), Book Author and developer of a new format “digital art poetry”. Andreas produced the soundtrack for the audiobook/movie “Stadtwald”. The new format will be released exclusively for ipads and iphones.2012: After years producing with digital workstations and computers - missing the warmness - Andreas is going back to the roots and rebuild his analog studio from early “Works”- 16 new tracks, are ready to come on Resopal Schallware in September 2012. A collection of diggler typical stuff, that brings back the deepness and warmness of analog equipment..