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Cybernalia are Bryan Corr and Clark Elwood aka Arkis of Bangor Northern Ireland , Producer/DJs of Electronic Music ranging from House to Techno.Contact : arkis77@gmail.comCybernalia consists of a partnership between 2 guys who have been friends from an early age and brought together by their love of music. Arkis Elwood (34) and Bryan Corr (31) both from Bangor Northern Ireland are now into their 2nd year as Electronic Dance Music (EDM) Producers but their dance music roots stem well back into the early 90's where both have been DJing in the Northern Ireland Dance scene. This year has seen great success in their own productions with regular plays on radio and lots of support from local and international DJs dropping their tracks , which the duo class as their own distinct sound of 'driving techno' , into their club and studio sets. Although they concentrate on the 'harder' sound their love for all music allows them to work within all genres and a journey through their soundcloud (which can be found at Cybernalia) will show that they are just as adapt in all fields of 'House Music'. Arkis and Bryan can constantly be found in the studio working on new sounds and ideas and are forever pushing themselves to the boundaries of electronic music whilst still giving their tracks that unique core sound. They strive for the perfect production and now with the signing onto Baroque Records & Stripped Digital , things are only going to go from strength to strength for Cybernalia !


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Baroque Digital | 2012-12-17