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 - Crystal Lake


Crystal Lake was founded in Friday 13th 1999, since then Alex & Paul were busy breaking their own personal records, always aiming higher & highert owards t heir ult imat e goal – Becoming one of t he most influential dance music acts in the world.Over the years Crystal Lake had numerous amounts of live shows, dozens of top chart positions, over 5 Million views on YouTube, their own radio show (Crystal Nation) broadcasted worldwide and regularly featured on compilations such as Dream Dance (Sony), VIVA Club Rotation (Ministry Of Sound) & Future Trance (Universal).They remixed and worked with world known artists such as the Eurovision pop-stars A Friend In London, R.I.O, Rednex, ItaloBrothers and many more.In 2010 Crystal Lake signed a contract with Zooland records, home of Cascada, Manian, ItaloBrothers & R.I.O. This made one thing very clear – They are here t o conquer t he world."HANDZUP MOTHERFUCKERS!"


Big 100 (Dance & Hands Up)
Marc Van Damme, Alex M., Andrew Spencer, Max K., Camille, Punkrockerz, Carmen, Comeea, DJ Restlezz, Jay D, Juve, Henny-M, Malu Project, James Stefano, K-Brown, NRG, Rico E., Thomas Petersen, Cary August, Danceboy, Sunset Project, Tim de Ville, Farisha, Persian Raver, Trane, Tao Hypah, Lucc, DJ Roxx, John Jagger, DJ Decron, Stephanie Kay, Roan Baxter, Breaker, DJ Kryst-Off, Kevin Portez, Sem, Lara Loft, Stan1, Crystal Rock, VergiLuv, Bounce Bro, Redtzer, Marc Kiss, Money-G, Tube Tonic, Kimura, Hornyshakerz, DE/VISION, Vanilla Kiss, Stage One, Patricia Edwards, Franca Morgano, Kompulsor, Van Snyder, DJ Giga Dance, Robkay, David Posor, Mojito Sky, Parker, Belmond, Splash, Brooklyn Bounce, Lolita Hunters, Trashfunk Rockerz, Gemma.B, Matti Mars, Vuk Lazar, DJ Selecta, DK, Tjc, Pit Bailay, Gee, Baker, McFly, Discotronic, Gemma B, William Hawk, Alx, Jazzi Jay, MuzzyG, Philipp Ray, Viktoriya Benasi, zoo_reality, Housemaxx, DJ Analyzer, Jeany Kiss, Sunray, Nevermind, EBJ, Dot Comma, Bangbros, VisTexx Project, Aurora, Toxic, Hardcharger, Turnyboy, Diamond Boy, Jose Mose, Justin Corza, Phillerz, Vanilla Kiss, Manox, Megastylez, M&Ace, Redtzer, Raindropz!, Discotronic, Jens O., DJ Gollum, Empyre One, Giorno, Max Kinscheck, Molky, Creative Blue, Milano Bass, Danceboy, Mave, Marc Hill, Sunset Project, Chris Victory, Malu Project, Damn-R, Noisegate Project, Quickdrop, Marve, Crystal Lake, Summerstars, Marc Van Damme, Alex M., Topless, Summervibes, Robkay, Dale, Harms, Giga Dance, Sven E, DJ THT, Monkey Business, Alex Moerman, Paul Gorbulski, Hendrik Meyer, Michael Vanderstein, VinylBreaker, jWEb, Van Snyder, THT, Cueboy, Tribune, K!Nky Boyz, Ced Tecknoboy, Dual Playaz, Deltaforcez, LM Beatz, Jaxx 'N' Danger, Sem, Cedric Saintviteux, Dennis Bohn, Greg Blast, Lars Boege, Pavel Gorbulski, Christian Seidl, Dennis Techel, Enrico Jurca, Lauri Siska, Sunray, Jeany Kiss, Andre Otterbach, Johannes Hanl, Manuel Puehringer
Mental Madness Records | 2013-06-14